AMA Instruments

AMA Instruments

AMA Instruments is a German company with 25 years of tradition in developing equipment for continuous and automated monitoring of organic compounds in ambient air and gas streams from production processes, using gas chromatography.

BTX and VOC analyzer

  • Automatic and continuous BTX analyzer (Benzene / Toluene / Xylene) in ambient air by gas chromatography with selectivity and low detection limits (ppb).
  • Automatic and continuous VOC analyzer (Volatile Organic Compounds) in ambient air by gas chromatography with selectivity and low detection limits.

AMA Online Gas Chromatographs GC 4000 and GC 5000

The GC 4000 series features an isothermal column oven. This analyzer series will always be the first choice for monitoring of a single component or just a few components, which can be easily separated in the chromatogram.

The GC 5000 series has especially been developed for demanding applications and incorporates a temperature programmable column oven, which allows for optimized chromatographic separation conditions. Various enrichment modules extend the range of monitoring applications even to concentration levels of just a few ppt.

Online GC systems of AMA Instruments have especially been developed for continuous operation under harsh ambient conditions, e.g. in industrial plants or monitoring stations. The instruments are characterized by their rugged and easily accessible design as well as their superior operational safety.

Convenient handling and operation
Each GC system features an integrated industrial PC, which allows for easy access to all important analyzer functions. The bright built-in LCD display continually indicates the actual operating status of the gas chromatograph. Optionally a display and control panel with intuitive touch screen operation is available.

The analyzer control software allows for protected access from any external PC via Ethernet or modem connection. This enables the operator to easily modify the instrument set-up or to observe important functions of the gas chromatograph via remote control.

Superior operational safety
The control software continuously monitors all important parameters of the gas chromatograph. Any deviation from the normal operating status of the analyzer will be recorded and saved into a log file. In case of permanent malfunctions or a serious instrument failure an error message will be transmitted to the control room.

Visit the AMA website for more detailed information about all products manufactured by AMA and represented in Brazil by EcoSoft.