EcoSoft Products

EcoSoft produces various components used in environmental monitoring systems. The nationalization of certain components reduces the cost of acquisition and maintenance of the automated measuring systems and make them more accessible to integration with other systems.

Datalogger Ecologger

The Ecologger is a complete system for data acquisition and processing to be used in automated environmental measurements stations, such as air quality monitoring stations, meteorology, wastewater, air emissions (chimneys) and water quality, amongst other applications.

Its function is to collect, integrate and store data generated continuously by sensors and analyzers mounted on a measuring station, controlling the operation of the station and allowing remote access for the transfer of the generated data, sending alarms and carrying out interventions on the monitors.

The Ecologger is customizable to the needs of each application. In its basic configuration is mounted on standard 19-inch cabinet and features 8 analog inputs, 8 serial ports, 4 digital inputs, RS232 and Ethernet communication, coupled thermometer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

EcoSoft develops software drives that may not be available in order to establish connections to any device with serial communication (with the provision of communication protocols).

See some of its features and benefits:

  • Practical and simple interface – allows the online viewing of active stations’ measurements;
  • Events Messages – view the logs of Events and Alarms messages occurred in measuring stations;
  • Alarm Query – view, quickly and effectively, instances of physical or logical alarms from the monitors;
  • Measurements Query – view and analyze the information presented in the measurements of environmental or operational parameters of the stations configured in the system. The measurements query will look for the means generated, of all the parameters contained in the user-selected variables list within the selected period.
  • Settings – configure the monitored stations (register, edit, enable, disable, etc.), the equipment communication ports, the modemconnections, the colors used in graphs for each parameter, etc;
  • Database – Ecologger has a structured SQL database that enables a data storage capacity of more than 10 years, without loss of performance. Database backup routines can be programmed in order to further expand data security at the station. Data query tools allow a broader view of all the historical measurements, facilitating the identification of anomalies on the monitors;
  • External Communication – Ecologger comunicates with Supervisory Centers and other information systems by many ways, according to the needs of each application. The standard comunication media available are the Ethernet (LAN) and the serial RS232. Diverse devices can be coupled through these doors such as conventional modems, cellular modems, GPRS, ADSL modems and radio, amongst others, allowing serial and Internet (TCP/IP) communication with any other compatible remote systems

Shelters for monitoring stations

We provide specific containers and shelters for monitoring stations of air quality and continuous emission monitoring system, built with noble and resistant to weather and corrosion materials. The shelters are fully self-supporting, with adjustable feet, thermal insulation, internal lighting, alarm system against fire and intrusion, complete electrical system and instrumentation, air conditioning system, lightning protection and all the necessary infrastructure to proper functioning of the measuring instruments to be installed. The shelters can still have separate gas room from the measuring instruments room, ensuring full security for system operators.

According to the demand, the shelters may also contain:

  • Sample probes built in borosilicate glass and Teflon, with drain for discharge of sampled gases, with blower;
  • Gas cylinders for analyzers calibration, which are located in a separate room in the container, with pressure regulators, brackets and connections;
  • Calibration gas pipe to the analyzers;
  • Racks for installation of measuring instruments and accessories;
  • Alarm Central intrusion of air conditioning failure and detection of a power failure, with acknowledgment via cell (independent communication system);
  • Ceiling accessible with stairs and guardrails;
  • Other requirements on demand;