Technical Assistance

EcoSoft provides complete technical assistance services in Brazil for all the equipment it supplies. We have a qualified staff, with technicians trained by the manufacturers of the instruments, ready to perform services on-site or in our own specialized laboratory located in Vitória-ES.

EcoSoft ATE 1  EcoSoft ATE 2

Our environmental monitoring systems installation services include assembly and integration of monitoring equipment, telecommunication systems, supply of container or shelter for the equipment, installation and configuration of software integration and management of data generated, civil infrastructure works, initialization of measurement systems, final tests and system commissioning.

We also perform staff training for the operation and / or maintenance of the equipment and environmental monitoring systems provided, both hardware and software, to enable the customer the full use and conservation of items purchased.

Spare parts and consumables for the instruments are provided by ECOSOFT, or directly by the manufacturers of instruments, easily and quickly.
We perform measurement, calibration and audit of all equipment and systems of the lines represented and we can ,according to customer need and the technical feasibility, perform these services in the field or in the laboratory.

We can also work under a maintenance contract system, with periodic or by request, or even placing permanent technical staff (residents) for operation, calibration and maintenance of environmental monitoring systems, still generating reports of environmental quality and data validation.