Special Projects

EcoSoft develops customized and innovative solutions to those problems or situations that do not have standardized market satisfactory solutions, including actions of emission sources and air quality monitoring, collection, integration and remote data transmission, software, among others.

Diffuse particle emission monitoring automatic network (RAMP)

The RAMP is an automatic network for the monitoring fugitive particle emissions, composed of a set of measuring stations strategically placed around the particular emitting source of interest, that measures the vertical profile of suspended particle concentrations in the atmosphere.

From the variations in dust concentrations detected upwind and downwind of the source of interest, in addition to the the measurement of air flow passing by the source (wind direction and speed), the RAMP continuously measures the emission rate (kg/h) of particulate matter generated by the monitored source. The data is generated at scheduled intervals of 5, 10 or 15 minutes and sent to SSED (Supervisory System of Diffuse Emissions) for processing, via the Internet (GPRS cellular).

The SSED is an application that can interpret and integrate the information received from the RAMP, calculating the particle emission rate (kg particles / hour) generated by a given sector monitored continuously, 24 hours a day.

The emissions of the monitored sources can be displayed continuously by Atmos application or via smartphone and the Internet (a subscription to the ECOSOFT Ambion system is required). In the event of dust emission events beyond a certain pre-set value, the RAMP can send alerts by SMS or email to the respective responsible for the affected area, making it possible to take immediate action to neutralize the causes of the problem, at the time of occurrence or when it is about to occur.

All the equipment that make up a RAMP are designed and built to withstand harsh operating conditions of the production area for a long period of continuous operation. The RAMP system technology was developed by ECOSOFT, being the only company in Brazil able to provide such a system, and it has been in use for more than 4 years in several companies in Brazil and abroad. This is an innovative solution that has helped companies in one of the most complex environmental management tasks, which is effective control of fugitive dust emissions in traffic lanes, materials storage yards, handling dry bulk materials, among other activities.