Met One Instruments


Met One Instruments Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of monitors of particulate matter in the atmosphere (TSP, PM10, PM2,5) and instruments for monitoring the weather, with factories in Oregon and Texas – USA. The sensors manufactured by Met One Instruments are robust, reliable, accurate and easy to maintain. All of them are calibrated by NIST standards and wind sensors (speed and direction) and have been tested in a wind tunnel and certified to meet the request of the US-EPA and WMO. These sensors are manufactured with high quality anodized metals o prevent corrosion.

All continuous particle monitors and equipment for monitoring the weather conditions have the technical assistance and full support of ECOSOFT throughout the Brazilian territory, in addition to the supply of spare parts and original consumables. Calibration services and simpler maintenance can be performed in the field, where the equipment is installed. When revisions or more complex maintenance is needed, the equipment is sent to the EcoSoft service lab located in Vitória-ES.