Monitoring of atmospheric emissions

Chimney and fugitive emissions monitoring solutions

The chimney measurements are performed according to technical standards, using calibrated/certified equipment and a specialized technical team.

We have certified manual samplers and portable automatic monitors for automated real-time measurement of gaseous pollutants, enabling performance testing and adjustments of control systems and the production process.
Our portable automatic stack gas monitors are also able to temporarily replace fixed chimney monitoring systems (CEMS).

EcoSoft also audits the performance of pollution control systems or emission monitoring systems installed in chimneys.

For measurements of fugitive emissions of particulate matter, we use high-frequency techniques that can determine the mass (particulate) flow in and out of the perimeter of the emitting sources. This measurement technique has been refined by our team for occasional or continuous monitoring of fugitive dust emissions (see RAMP).

The measurement technique used allows particulate matter emission rates (kg/h) to be obtained. Measurements of diffuse dust emissions are also widely used to determine the efficiency of control systems (wind fences, sprinkler systems, mist cannons, polymers, etc.) used for this type of emission source.

Measurement of fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) provides the mapping and inventory of VOC leaks, enabling the implementation of a Leak Detect and Repair (LDAR) program, that is, the detection, quantification and repair of those leaks.