RAMP - Automatic Network for Monitoring Fugitive Particle Emissions

Measuring, preventing and controlling fugitive particulate emissions has always been a major challenge for companies dealing with mineral production and handling of granular materials. In a pioneer and innovative way worldwide, EcoSoft invested in research, technology and innovation to develop RAMP, a powerful tool that makes it possible to measure emission rates of particles from fugitive sources in real time.

RAMP is integrated with a dynamic computational algorithm (available in the Ambion application) that calculates particulate matter emission rates (kg of dust per hour) from fugitive sources, based on the measurements of particle concentrations and air flow (wind) sampled in real time in the measurement towers that make up the RAMP network.

RAMP enhances and improves the management of fugitive atmospheric emissions, also allowing us to measure the real gains from the implementation of control actions by evaluating the long-term evolution of emission rates in the monitored areas.

The RAMP system has been in operation and constantly evolving since 2009, including instrument, hardware and software enhancements. In 2018, the entire system (instruments, software, calibration, procedures) was evaluated, audited and recommended by COPPE/UFRJ. RAMP was created by EcoSoft, being the only company authorized to provide such solution.